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Safari Pictures

How do you decide which of the 80 pictures of lions are the best two or three? I’m knee-deep in digital photos from our July Kenyan Safari. I have already eliminated several hundred from the 4,140 pics I brought home.

My process now is to put in my Google Picasa Web Alums site one album for each location we went. Then the hard work begins. I’m determined to put together a safari presentation for friends and neighbors…and that will require peeling down to just a few pictures.

Two albums are on Picassa already…our time near Nairobi…and the animals, birds and village in Amboseli National Park. One highlight at Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphange near Nairobi…our guide, Dave Richards, introduced me to Dame Sheldrick. What a lovely and dedicated lady. While in Amboseli we visited a Masai village … another wonderful treat. Amboseli has five swamp areas that are full of green and water. A big contrast to the surrounding almost desert areas.

One highlight in the Mara was celebrating grandson, Warren’s 11th birthday with the Masai men. Keep tuned for further adventures at Lake Nakuru and in the Masai Mara.