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Selling books in surprising places

When we returned from NC and our two weeks of writing and watching waves there was a surprise waiting for me. The High Plains Public Radio Station in Garden City, KS wanted to buy fifty copies of A Pioneer Love Story. They offered it as one of their gifts for a certain amount (don’t know how much) donation to the station. I knew my cousin had given a copy of the book to the station in Amarillo, but hadn’t thought any more about it. There seem to be many people interested in true stories of pioneer days and the history of their land.

Last week another surprise. A member of a committee I’m on looked at me and exclaimed, “You’re an author, I don’t know any other authors. I have to buy your book.”  We have two book signings scheduled in October…one in Canyon, TX at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum and one in Arkansas City, KS at the Burford Center for the Arts. I’ll report on those later.