Priscilla's World | Symphony in the Flint Hills weekend
Symphony in the Flint Hills weekend

Kathleen and Joel (my ex-business partners) said, “Let’s go to the Symphony in the Flint Hills” so we got six tickets and B&B reservations at The Cottage House in Council Grove and planned a great weekend. Storms before, almost during and after every happening…but amazingly lovely at the critical moments. Rod and I stopped in the Harveyville, KS cemetery to visit his great aunts and uncles who didn’t make it to adulthood. When Ben and Rod tried to find their grave sites last summer they discovered the five little ones were buried in three plots with no markers. Thanks to their efforts we now have a lovely “Wilson” bench to mark Rod’s grandfather’s siblings final resting place. It is a lovely, well kept cemetery and the sun shone beautifully while we were there. The next happening was the Symphony in the Flint Hills in Chase County, near Bazaar. 6,000 of our closest friends also were there. The sun didn’t quite shine, although it tried to. But the storm clouds stayed away long enough to guarantee a lovely afternoon and evening for all who attended. And the choreography with the cowboys and cattle on the adjoining hills was worth the price of the tickets. The last folks still enjoying the ambience of those amazing white tents were asked to leave about 10:30 pm as a storm was approaching. Lots of rain during the night with accompanying lightening and thunder. During the drive back to KC on Sunday we stopped at the best moment to catch the awesome black cloud spreading clear across the sky. And then – getting lost near Gardner while looking for the KCPL Wetlands (which we never found) we saw this amazing barn with its bouquet of daylilies blooming in the doorway.