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A Conference for Authors and Agents

Colorado River and Austin downtown

After weeks of sending letters and emails to agents (the process of finding a publisher) about Curious Cooper’s Hawks, my narrative non-fiction book for middle grade readers, I took a weekend off to learn what I should have been doing. The Writers League of Texas Agents Conference in Austin, TX was a profitable and enlightening time. Listening to all the wisdom from the folks in the conference was a great learning experience.

Sunday afternoon was free-time on my schedule so I browsed in the independent bookstore, BookPeople for two wonderful hours. I was pleased to find a book in the children’s section that is constructed in the style I have in mind for my hawks. The book I found is Pale Male by Janet Schulman. Her book helped me see what I am hoping for. I knew my book isn’t a kid’s chapter book or a small child’s picture book. I have told the little girl across the street that when the hawks ever get in print she will be given the first copy. (The next three copies will go to our three great grandchildren.)

Mama hawk is back in the same nest (two years later) with three young ones again.

Added benefits during the weekend included wonderful dinner and conversation Sunday night with our friend, George.  Also a stop in Ft Worth to spend time with cousins, Hobie and Ann was priceless.

The meditative view out my hotel window in Austin would inspire anyone. Doesn’t it make you want to sit down and write something about beauty and nature?