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Death of a Friend

altIt is hard to lose a friend, even when the death is long expected…as in Fred’s ALS. The story of Fred Lanphear’s journey and death is an inspiration to us all. As Kaze said “that’s the way to die.”

Rod and I have been telling each other Fred and Nancy stories all week. Rod first met Fred when he was assigned with Lela Jahn to teach a Family course in Indiana. I couldn’t remember when I first met him. I just know our paths have crossed in so many meaningful places and ways.

When we moved to Kansas City, the Lanphears were priors in the Student House here. Before that, we were with them in Nairobi…on a Panchayat Trek. The last thing I did before Nancy got me into the Nairobi Hospital was walk through Kawangare with Fred (that is not what put me in the hospital…water in Ijede did).

Then after the IERD in Delhi, Rod and I did a trip down through India. We managed to get a non-English speaking taxi driver to drive us from Bombay to Chikali. Wonderful time getting to know people and see the fabulous work the Lanphears were doing. Then all four of us spent some time in Bombay for a much needed moment of R&R.

Our last, fabulous day with these two wonderful people was halfway between Seattle and Hood River. Fred and Nancy met us (and our son, Tim) for a joyous day of lunch, laughing, pictures, and fun. We’ll never forget that time with such beloved colleagues.

We are grateful that our lives were blessed with the lives of Fred and Nancy. Fred will be sorely missed by all who have cared for him over this ALS journey. We will be with you in spirit as you walk the ALS walk in October. And will always have special memories of the spirit giants in this story.