Priscilla's World | Montreat

altLast week an unusual treat came my way. I’d enrolled in a one day conference at the Montreat Conference Center near Asheville, NC. Before that day, I had the privilege of traveling first to Greensboro to see John and Lynda Cock. In addition to an evening of catching up on all the latest family and missional news we toured the Greensboro Woolworth exhibit with artifacts and images from the sit-ins in the 1960s that launched the civil rights movement. The next morning I drove over the Eastern Continental Divide to Asheville where I enjoyed lunch and conversation with the Wainwrights and Baileys.

Three other women from Village church and I spent Friday with John Bell from the Iona Community in Scotland. We explored how song shapes what we believe and penetrates our spiritual journeys. It was a full day of music …in a setting of breathtaking beauty. The leaves were just thinking of turning and we knew that in another two weeks that part of the world would be beyond awesome. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the conference center is a place of spectacular peace and splendor. My photos taken at Montreat are at Picasa.  Photo Album