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Life’s Rainbows

Some days the mystery bursts in upon us and changes the whole day. This morning my sister, Pam, and I are driving to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, an hour and a half north. We are scheduled to meet a group of birders from the Burroughs Audubon group. Suddenly we pull off the highway exclaiming, “I’ve never seen that before.”  Total amazement sweeps over us as we look at a full arch rainbow. One end even has a faint double rainbow showing. I whip out my phone…being the only camera I have brought with me. Don’t ever go out into nature without a “good” camera I tell myself. Later as we watch a green heron and some avocets I groan at my lack of camera equipment. I know… enjoy the moment, record the image on my brain, and rejoice that I have seen the view.

Back to the rainbow. We find out later that all in our group of birders saw the rainbow. Utterances of joy swirl across the group as we all realize what a unique experience we had.

With only a tiny phone camera, capturing the whole arch isn’t possible. So my ‘put together of two pictures’ is a little rough. But I want to share this amazing moment…even if it is not the best of photography. I do know that deciding to put on “hold” the long to-do list on my desk and go to a park, a wildlife area, a lake, or whatever…my soul is refreshed and  I am reminded that life is good.