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A Surprise Phone Call

A Pioneer Love StoryI try not to kick myself for those items on my “to do” list that never get done. How many times have I written down, “Market A Pioneer Love Story?” Somehow the urgency doesn’t hit me and it never gets to the top of the list…important as I know it is. Does that make me a lazy author? Probably!

Then last weekend I receive a surprise phone call. A man I don’t know is calling from St. Louis. “I would like to purchase two copies of A Pioneer Love Story.” When he tells me where he heard of my book the real surprise hits.
He had picked up a magazine at a sale to raise funds for a not-for-profit organization. The magazine, Kansas City Voices, is a literary and art magazine published by Whispering Prairie Press every fall. He had just purchased a 2008 copy for twenty-five cents.

A Pioneer Love Story looks like it would be interesting. I’d like to purchase two copies. That’s the kind of story I like. I want to buy a copy for myself and one for a friend. I know we will both enjoy it.”
What a delightful surprise.

We never know where some of our actions will lead.