Priscilla's World | Two Days of Birding and a New Great Granddaughter
Two Days of Birding and a New Great Granddaughter

A long weekend in Minnesota can’t be beat.
It is the Audubon group’s Warbler Weekend. My sister, Pam, and I join son, Ben Thursday afternoon for a couple of days of birding.

We stay in Lake City, MN … walk miles through the Hok-Si-La Park and Frontenac State Park… identify lots of birds … and pout because of the scarcity of warblers. Gorgeous woods, swamps and grasslands along the Mississippi River.

To top off the weekend we drive back to Arden Hills (north of St. Paul) for a fabulous dinner with Ben and Tina’s sons, daughters-in-law and four grandchildren. I hadn’t met the youngest…born in March. Teegan Guse Wilson is the youngest daughter of Jeff and Christy. The two cousins, Izzy and Rory lead us through the woods behind the house. At four and three they are a hoot.

Minnesota gives us the best weather they have had this spring. Except for some wind on Friday, which makes finding birds harder, we can’t ask for more perfect weather. Ben and Tina’s back yard backs up to wildlife woods with fantastic walks and birds.