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The Beginning of Photography in our Family

Rod with cameraPhotography entered the DNA of our family with the first cameras in this country. One story from, A Pioneer Love Story tells of “our” first camera:

In 1900, the Eastman Kodak Company introduced a low-priced, point-and-shoot, hand-held camera, called the Brownie. It sold for $1 and used film that cost 15 cents a roll. For the first time, the hobby of photography was within the financial reach of virtually everyone.[1] Minnie and Dwight purchased one of the Brownies as soon as possible and spent the rest of their lives shooting pictures of their family. They used the camera to record picnics, groups of friends, cute baby moments, favorite horses and cattle. In addition, many formal pictures portray the events of graduations, weddings and anniversaries. Minnie shared her experiences in her October 28, 1902, letter to her mother.

“We are so glad that we are going to succeed in getting some photos to send to all of you after a while. I am not satisfied yet with pictures of the children though we have one little photo of Laura that is very good. She is carrying some kittens in her arms. I did not allow the kittens at the house but kept them at the barn and one day Laura came bringing them up. She called to me and said, “I bringed them up, Mamma.”

A Pioneer Love Story

A Pioneer Love Story

A Pioneer Love Story is filled with pictures from my grandmother’s life. After reading my book, one of my high school classmates wrote: “You have done such a good job and I found it most interesting reading. Your format for telling the story, as you went back and forth from your grandmother’s letters to filling in the details, was so smooth and it made such interesting reading.  I actually felt sadness when Warren died I got so involved in the story. I hope it makes the best seller list ’cause it’s good enough!” 

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