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A Writing Week

“Good writing,  inspirational work and here are 50,000 ways to improve this book.” Thus spoke our editor.  Kaze and I will be together this week to rework our writing. Four years of fits and starts on this volume are under our belt. It is exciting when we arrive in the same geography with two computers, a printer and many, many sheets of paper.

Kaze arrives from Arizona this afternoon for a ten-day stint of concentrated work. We’ll interrupt the working time with the Metropolitan Opera live broadcast at one of the local theaters, a Kansas City Symphony concert, worship at Village Church, and choir rehearsal. Those discontinuous times are designed to refresh and invigorate our brains. We’ll see if that happens. In an age of much reported ambiguity about religion, spirituality, the church, etc., we strive to tell stories demonstrating that experiencing the sacred happens in the ordinary, everyday stuff of life.

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