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The Aging Process

Two movies in one weekend. Probably some kind of a record for me. I’ve been telling myself for weeks that I wanted to go to a movie, but saying something and doing something about it are two different things. Finally, I said, “Ok, now.”

Yesterday I went to see Amour. Today I went to see The Quartet. If you are into the aging process…whether for yourself, for a friend or an aging family member…I recommend both films. They are as different from each other as is possible, presenting aging from two entirely different perspectives. Both are difficult and beautiful. Love is the underlying thread in each film. Amour is the story of an aging couple. The Quartet takes place in a retirement home (a beautiful place) for musicians. An underlying theme in The Quartet is Verdi’s Rigoletto quartet. This music, one of our father’s favorites was often played on the phonograph as we were growing up. This music is sublime.

The month of March and the subject of aging are both special for me. The approach of my 82nd birthday this month adds a twang to the specialness. Both films have set my mind whirling as I ponder all the many approaches to the reality of aging.