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Magical Moments in France

Floating mist softens the air in the gardens of Giverny, France. As we round a curve on the pathway I can imagine Claude Monet studying the many colors as he applies his imagination to the canvas before him.

I click my camera and capture scenes that have become world famous.

The plethora of colors — pinks, oranges, purples, greens, yellows and blues — tug on me to look in one direction and then another. The paths circling the ponds lead to one spectacular sight after another. The two worn dull green canoes resting by stalks of yellow green bamboo are magical.

Cathy pulls out her tablet and colors to capture a stunning “Monet” scene as Tina holds the umbrella to protect this precious work from the mist and drizzle. It is a priceless moment that stirs our emotions.

I am one of twenty-seven women with Lisa Ball Travel Design enjoying France in ways that captured our hearts.

First our four days in Paris intrigue us as we cover as many famous sights as possible. A panoramic overview by bus helps us plan our routes. We take note of the location of the Louvre, Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Musee d’Orsay, shopping, and cafes. Sainte Chapelle portrayed the class divisions that existed during the time of royalty. The king and the other royals worshipped up stairs with its beautiful stained glass windows. All the other folk worshipped in the much plainer lower floor.

The Eiffel Tower surprisingly (for me) pops into view almost every where you go in the city. At night when the lights start blinking up and down the frame I gasp in amazement.But the best is the view from the top of the Tower at night. The lights of Paris create a breathtaking wonderment..

The bus journey across Provence to Avignon takes us on the second half of our journey.

….to be continued.