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Spring in January

Today is Martin Luther King Day, mid-January and it is 64 degrees in Kansas City. Last night I watched PBS’s American Experience, Klansville USA. Fascinating history of the KKK in North Carolina – a larger group than all the other states of the south put together. My niece’s husband, historian and author David Cecelski spoke a couple of times on the film.

This afternoon seems like a perfect time to walk away from my “to do” list and go see the movie, Selma. I drive to the Plaza, park the car, walk to the theater and go up the escalator. It is one of those moments when “you knew, you knew and you still went to the theater.” I see the box-office line stretching forever but still go to stand in line. Fortunately the nice young lady at the end of the line says, “The 12:45 is all sold out. I’m hoping to buy a ticket for the 4:00.” My brain refuses that message for a moment or two…then I turn to go back down the escalator.

Plan B kicks into gear. On such a lovely day it only makes sense to go for a long walk around the Plaza. I prefer parks and woods, but the Plaza is a pleasant third choice. East, then south, then west. Just before I turn for the north stretch back to the parking lot I look south. Of course, the walk down along Brush Creek is where I should have been all along. I cross the street, walk down the steps to the creek and head east again. What a gift that stretch of water and walk-way are to this city.

I will chose another afternoon to see Selma. For me, this is the week to see it. But in the mean-time, I have enjoyed spring in January. Is this a portent of the climate to come?