Priscilla's World | Bee-eaters in Botswana
Bee-eaters in Botswana

Surprises come in all manner of shapes and forms. Periodically I submit photographs or an article to a contest. A shrug of my shoulders usually accompanies the click on the word “submit.” I don’t expect my submission to be used. Then an email from BirdWatching magazine a couple of weeks ago left me pondering…what did I send them? Fortunately I searched the computer and located the folder with three photos designated to BirdWatching. To believe the email which designated page 50 as the location for my photo struck me as difficult. So when BirdWatching magazine, June 2015 issue arrived I turned immediately to page 50. Lo and behold! The caption under my photo reads: “Flying Rainbows: White-fronted Bee-eaters gather along the bank of the Chombe River in Botswana in southern Africa. Priscilla H Wilson of Prairie Village, Kansas took the picture with a Canon PowerShot SX50 H.”

We (Mary, Nora, Warren, Tim and I) were with our guide and friend, Dave Richards on a houseboat on the Chombe River. Our houseboat tied up for the night on the Namibia side of the river. Late afternoon we journeyed down the river in a smaller boat outfitted with swivel chairs with attached camera holders. We lingered next to the Botswana bank to watch a nightly show. These White-fronted Bee-eaters return to their homes in the river bank each day before night-fall. Several dug more dirt out of their home in the bank. It looked like a late afternoon socializing moment … like one of our social hours at a favorite pub before settling in for the night. Darkness came too soon.