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Sitting on the Deck

To sit on Ben and Tina’s deck is magic at any hour of the day. Such a wide expanse of grass, trees, shrubs and flowers. And across the wire fence looms the woods.

Birds of all kinds pop in and out of the yard from the woods with seven feeders of various kinds calling them in. The Baltimore oriole — male and female — early in the week swished from one feeder to another. But they have taken their beautiful orange and black off to the woods. Other birds flitting in to first one feeder and then another are numerous. Downy, red bellied, and hairy woodpeckers come and go. The pileated woodpecker appears once or twice a day. Chickadees and white-bellied nuthatch pop in and out. A couple of blue jays come and go. The cat bird with his smooth grey body, black cap and red spot under his tail has become my favorite.

Sometimes I enjoy just sitting out on the deck talking with Ben, Tina…or Tim. Yes, Tim arrived from Oregon via train the day before I flew up. What a treat to have both sons at once.

Tina days are spent with Warren…less than a year old…from next door. A fun job, but does place a limit on her choices of what she can do.

Ben, Tim and I spent one day driving north to Interstate Park outside of Taylor’s Falls on the St. Croix River. What an assortment of rocks, river, birds and trees.