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Happy New Year – 2018

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a great New Year has set my mind to spinning.

Sixty-four years since my first date request from Rodney Wilson. That was to go out for a hamburger after operetta rehearsal on Wednesday night. He didn’t know that mid-week nights were off limits. I was a junior in high school and he was in junior college…a returned navy veteran…much older than me.

Now it has been six and a half years that Rodney has been gone and it seems that has been forever. My brain keeps going back to the question – What made the difference for us?

What we trusted shaped the way we lived. I often find myself wondering – what was it all about? One difference had to have been how much we talked about everything. When I think about the amount of time we spent apart…he with the Santa Fe and his many serving trips…and my fewer serving trips.

In January 2010 Rodney and I made the decision to move to retirement living. We briefly looked at the possibilities and decided that Claridge Court was to be our future home…it was the closest retirement living to Village Presbyterian Church. We would rethink the way we lived and worked together. We talked with the lady at Claridge in charge of “new people,” but no apartments became available.

Then on June 5, 2011, Rodney suddenly dies. Family, friends and the church sustain me. I realized I had planned to go on a choir trip to Italy in July…Rodney had not intended to go. I made the difficult decision to proceed – Assisi, St. Francis home, was of special interest for me.

February, 2012 my final payment on an apartment at Claridge led to several months of rebuilding, painting etc. etc. I didn’t move over here until August. From January 2010 to August 2012 was quite a period of time…two and a half years.

2018 is about to start, I have published four books, but am not doing any writing at the moment. All I am doing now is saying to you…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year