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Memories With the Generations

I gaze with nostalgia at my bedroom wall

Minnie and her siblings pose in an antique maple frame 

Where will this 1870 group go when I move for the last time? 

A black & white checked dress on eleven-year-old Minnie is so 


Many years later, I knew her as Nanaw. 

The siblings dressed in black appear rigidly formal 

Minnie’s sisters Ella, Alice and Lizzie, eye the camera

Sister Bella, hand on chin, stares toward the floor

Minnie’s right hand rests on brother Ferrand’s shoulder

Brother Fred stands somberly on the left and Minnie on the right 

Another picture frames the parents on their 50th wedding anniversary

It is 1892 and Mother, Laura Ann rocks serenely by the glowing fireplace

A gold, pearl onyx brooch adorns the neck of her proper black dress 

Father Abel grasps his gold-headed cane as he rocks.

Fourteen small pictures of friends and relatives stand guard across the mantle.

Above this fireplace a surprise catches my eye.

The framed Warren siblings appear above their parents

I note the gold, pearl, onyx brooch is pinned to Alice’s black collar. 

By 1927 Minnie’s daughter, Mary carries on the tradition

The gold, pearl, onyx brooch adds beauty to Mary’s lace wedding dress

A new century, the family brooch rests on a framed brown suede background 

Mary, a young mother holding baby Priscilla anchors the collage 

Bordering Mary are her parents, Minnie and Dwight

1864 oval portraits of Abel and Laura Ann lay either side of the brooch

Laura stunningly beautiful posed in a turquoise dress and red satin stole 

The gold, pearl onyx brooch clipped to her delicate lace collar 

Dwight’s parents, David and Caroline complete the collage.

My many precious pictures will not all fit on retirement walls

But they will always reside in my memories

In the future, will I make the cut?

Will someone hold memories of me?