Priscilla's World | Are you still friends with any of your friends from high school?
Are you still friends with any of your friends from high school?

Are you still friends with any of your friends from high school? How have they changed since then?

Last October (2020) I drove to Arkansas City for a high school reunion. About 30 folks showed up for that. None of the girls that I ran around with in high school were there, but two of the gals who went to the Presbyterian Church with me were there. That was Donna Livingstone and Bobbie Hawkins…fun gals who seemed quite young still. The three of us had a great time.

We had one afternoon off for a while. We drove over to the Presbyterian Church to renew our memories. Fortunately there was a secretary there and she let us in and chatted with us for a while as we sat in the sanctuary. The worst part of her story was the fact that only forty folks were still involved in the church at all. And they didn’t have any regular minister. A sad state of affairs. We did have fun going through that little room in the back of the sanctuary where all old pictures and stuff were stored. I wished later that I had taken one or two of the pictures that I was in. They will all just disappear when the building closes down. Sad state of affairs.

Actually the other worst part was some man had removed the fabulous organ from the sanctuary and purchased a small electronic organ that they were using. He removed the organ because there was not anyone around who knew how to play it. I remembered taking organ lessons for one or two years while I was in high school. Mr. Drury was my teacher…a quite elderly man who fascinated me.

Back then we had a separate building that was called the Youth House…or some such title. We had great times over there.

Also…while I was still in high school a bunch of us spent a week at the camp outside Ponca City. That was called Wentz Camp. I have one picture under the class to the right of my computer. In that picture is Betty Harrington, Ro Jean Reynolds, Miss Brown, Delores Morton and Rebecca Loucks. (That is all their names long before any of them were even thinking of getting Married.)

For a long time we had a letter that circulated among the gals I ran around with. That stopped probably about ten or fifteen years ago. A number of the gals I ran around with were still living not long ago…but most were suffering some kind of physical ailment. So far…at turning 90 today…I am still in good health. We just hope that lasts for quite a time yet.