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The Most Expensive Thing I Ever Bought

I am sure that the most expensive thing we ever bought took place in the process of our buying houses. The fact of which one was the most expensive…I don’t have an idea. I am sure that the first house that we bought…on Chicago’s Circle Avenue in Norwood Park hurt both of us the most in terms of expense. The purchase price was $13,000 and my Dad helped us cover that. I am also fairly sure that it was not the most expensive house we ever bought. Other houses on our purchased list included one on Old Elm in Lake Forest. Old Elm is the street that divides Lake Forest from Highland Park. Then much later we decided we needed to move closer to the city and bought a house in Evanston, near the lake.

We’d only been there a short while when Rodney came home and announced that the Santa Fe was moving his whole department to Kansas City. So, the last house we bought was on Tomahawk Road a couple of blocks from the church. Rodney died while we were living thereafter we had decided we were moving to Claridge Court Retirement Center. That is where I live now.

But if I think back over my life one expensive item does pop up. We were in Guam on a teaching trip…probably sometime in the 70s. For some reason, I decided I wanted to buy a pearl ring while we were there. So … during the afternoon session, when Rick Loudermilk was doing the leading we decided to take off for a bit. We had figured out the location of a decent jewelry store, so we headed that way. Fortunately, it was not too far from our course location. For a bit of time, we completely forgot that we were in Guam on a teaching assignment. We were there on a great trip and we enjoyed about an hour of plain fun. Having taken off from a course we were assigned to teach was about the strangest thing we had ever done. I think I tried on every ring in the store. We had not done any international journeying on our own before and even playing for an hour was an awesome experience for the two of us. We returned to the hotel where our course was in full operation. I was wearing a lovely pearl ring and the two of us were enlivened for the rest of the course.