Curious Cooper’s

I had the rare treat of watching three baby Cooper’s Hawks grow up and be taught by their mother how to be hawks. This all took place outside my office window. Their story is intended for readers ages 9-12. However, since any age will enjoy this true story…it may appear in many forms.

Publishing date to be announced.

Coopers HawkWritten for children, this tale narrates the saga of a Cooper’s Hawk family raising three young. The building of a substantial stick nest in a large oak tree to the juvenile’s flight of independence is captured in photographs. The three juvenile hawks gain confidence as they flap their wings and hop between perch and nest. Momma Cooper’s sets up a classroom for her young in the locust trees as they learn how to be hawks. The young hawks take naps when tired, rest after flying into a window, discover how to catch their favorite food (small birds), and sample the water in the birdbath. After exploring their immediate surroundings they fly off to independence.