The Facilitative Way: Leadership That Makes the Difference

Ask Yourself ?

  • Do you want people in your organization, department or team to work together more effectively?
  • Are you interested in learning skills to improve communication between you and your co-workers?

Today’s information-based economy with its high customer demands and global competition is requiring a new level of speed, imagination and flexibility, affecting every aspect of our working relationships. The Facilitative Way offers new ways to achieve a “people” emphasis and create a supportive atmosphere for innovative ideas. In this book discover ways to resolve conflicts and ease the work processes for yourself and others by thinking together.

Facilitative leadership is the wave of the future.

I retired from TeamTech Inc. in 2001 and dreamed of sharing the training and facilitation materials we created for clients over the years. I tagged myself an author as The Facilitative Way: Leadership That Makes the Difference entered the marketplace.

Over the next decade, this book journeyed to “out of print.” A colleague in the Writer’s Group suggested “print on demand” as a way to go. So today The Facilitative Way can be purchased at


The Facilitative Way: Leadership That Makes the Difference

by Priscilla H. Wilson, Kathleen Harnish and Joel Wright; TeamTech Press, Prairie Village, KS., USA 2003

What Clients Are Saying…

“It is obvious that those who wrote this book have been through the fire of facilitating change. Anyone wanting to take his or her organization on a change process would find no better guide than The Facilitative Way.”
Brian Stanfield
Author, The Courage to Lead – Transform Self, Transform Society

“Wilson, Harnish, and Wright have created a masterpiece in grasping what is involved in leading facilitatively. A variety of examples throughout demonstrate the real-world applicability of this marvelous handbook.”
R. Bruce Williams,
Author, More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus

“The Facilitative Way: Leadership That Makes the Difference belongs on everyone’s desk. Reading this book will enhance your strategic thinking, facilitative skills, and reflective practices – all critical to effectively working with others.”
Diane C. Duffy, J.D.
Senior Management Consultant
Ohio University’s Voinovich Center for Leadership & Public Affairs

“The Facilitative Way is getting a workout in our Organizational Transformation Course.”
ICA Associates,
Toronto, Canada