The Facilitative Way:
Leadership That Makes the Difference

The Facilitative Way

I worked for many years with the Institute of Cultural Affairs out of Chicago on organizational and community development. After moving to Kansas City, I helped found TeamTech Inc. a strategic facilitation and training organization with a colleague. When I retired in 2001, I dreamed of sharing the training and facilitation materials we created for clients over the years. My vocation as an author was born as The Facilitative Way: Leadership That Makes the Difference entered the marketplace. June, 2003

Written to share the facilitation methods that we used in our work with clients, I hope this book is producing great facilitative leadership across the United States, Europe, Australia, Nigeria and China.

A Pioneer Love Story:
The Letters of Minnie Hobart

A Pioneer Love Story, the Letters of Minnie Hobart My second book, A Pioneer Love Story: The Letters of Minnie Hobart, December 2008 is reported to be a “good read.” Besides being the story of my grandmother’s life, it is a personalized history of the Texas Panhandle. This book has been such fun because of the people I have met and talked with who have connections with that part of the country. It is full of photographs and also self-published. I still have copies for sell plus it is available at and several museums in Texas and Vermont.

Everyday Wonder:
From Kansas to Kenya from Ecuador to Ethiopia

Everyday Wonder, from Kansas to Kenya, from Ecuador to Ethiopia A third book: Everyday Wonder: From Kansas to Kenya from Ecuador to EthiopiaFebruary 2014.

Kaze Gadway and I wrote reflections on everyday moments in the midst of ordinary life that reveal the sacred.

Five patterns emerged in these short stories as we explored our lives.

  • Section 1 Being Awakened — We are shaken into a new level of consciousness.
  • Section 2 Being Blessed — We are radically and unconditionally cherished.
  • Section 3 Being Driven — Care propels us to respond to need.
  • Section 4 Being Enfolded — We are bathed in the promise of goodness.
  • Section 5 Being Named — Sometimes we are pointed and pushed to a new identity.

In each of the patterns we have written first a mutual story of a time when we are together. Then individual stories follow from each of us.

Zero Meridian,
Five Degrees North

book cover A forth book, Zero Meridian, Five Degrees NorthDecember 2016

Rodney Wilson often spoke of writing a book about his life. He left many notes, interviews, speeches, articles and the title he intended to use: Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North. He talked about having lived five lifetimes. As his wife of fifty-nine years and now his widow, I decided to pull together this material and write his biography.