The Facilitative Way:
Leadership That Makes the Difference

The Facilitative Way

I worked for many years with the Institute of Cultural Affairs out of Chicago on organizational and community development. After moving to Kansas City, I helped found TeamTech Inc. a strategic facilitation and training organization with a colleague. When I retired in 2001, I dreamed of sharing the training and facilitation materials we created for clients over the years. My vocation as an author was born as The Facilitative Way: Leadership That Makes the Difference entered the marketplace. June, 2003

Written to share the facilitation methods that we used in our work with clients, I hope this book is producing great facilitative leadership across the United States, Europe, Australia, Nigeria and China.

A Pioneer Love Story:
The Letters of Minnie Hobart

A Pioneer Love Story, the Letters of Minnie HobartMy second book, A Pioneer Love Story: The Letters of Minnie Hobart, December 2008 is reported to be a “good read.” Besides being the story of my grandmother’s life, it is a personalized history of the Texas Panhandle. This book has been such fun because of the people I have met and talked with who have connections with that part of the country. It is full of photographs and also self-published. I still have copies for sell plus it is available at and several museums in Texas and Vermont.

Everyday Wonder:
From Kansas to Kenya from Ecuador to Ethiopia

Everyday Wonder, from Kansas to Kenya, from Ecuador to EthiopiaA third book: Everyday Wonder: From Kansas to Kenya from Ecuador to EthiopiaFebruary 2014.

Kaze Gadway and I wrote reflections on everyday moments in the midst of ordinary life that reveal the sacred.

Five patterns emerged in these short stories as we explored our lives.

  • Section 1 Being Awakened — We are shaken into a new level of consciousness.
  • Section 2 Being Blessed — We are radically and unconditionally cherished.
  • Section 3 Being Driven — Care propels us to respond to need.
  • Section 4 Being Enfolded — We are bathed in the promise of goodness.
  • Section 5 Being Named — Sometimes we are pointed and pushed to a new identity.

In each of the patterns we have written first a mutual story of a time when we are together. Then individual stories follow from each of us.

Zero Meridian,
Five Degrees North

book coverA forth book, Zero Meridian, Five Degrees NorthDecember 2016

Rodney Wilson often spoke of writing a book about his life. He left many notes, interviews, speeches, articles and the title he intended to use: Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North. He talked about having lived five lifetimes. As his wife of fifty-nine years and now his widow, I decided to pull together this material and write his biography.