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Grabbing the moment

111101-3215-Tomahawk 111101-3215-Tomahawk-2

The weather changed and Indian summer left in a hurry. I captured the flicker and red belly woodpecker in my camera before all the change out doors. Then I settled down to read (and edit some stories) when my neighbor, Patty, called. Fantastic news, she had a spotted towhee right outside her kitchen window. “Come down to see him,” she urged. I don’t need two invitations to move me. I did have sense to grab an umbrella. The rain came before I returned home…but the towhee was safely in my camera…and still in the back yard. I have learned to grab those fleeting moments before they are gone. The juncos are here also…and they are the positive sign that … winter is here folks.

111102-backyard-birds-3-300x200  111102-backyard-birds-2