Priscilla's World | Three Cheetahs
Three Cheetahs

Communication between the drivers in the Masai Mara is amazing. Our driver, Musa gets word early morning that some cheetahs are sighted near Intrepid Camp…off we go (after a cup of coffee) for the long drive east…toward Intrepid Camp. When we arrive where a number of vehicles are lined up to see our longed for cheetah, nothing but miles of golden grass are in my view.

We study the grass with binoculars; Warren announces he sees spots in the grass. My brain is fooled into seeing the spots. But then, when a head appears briefly it is some distance from where I am convinced I’m seeing something in the grass. A cheetah head appears, disappears, and again appears when he sits up.
Pretty soon another head appears. Then they flop down, nothing is seen.

Finally both stand and walk off to my right. The two cheetahs cross the road behind us and are joined by a third. A herd of wildebeests up on the rise tempts one cheetah to make a half-hearted attempt to make a catch. He misses and gives up.

All three settle down to wait. We drive closer to the action. All three are sitting on the driver’s side of the road.

Someone makes a squeaky noise and they all take off on a run…right in front of me.

They stop near me looking puzzled. Whatever they expected wasn’t there, mom perhaps? Again, they flop down in the grass and disappear.

We decide it is breakfast time, and locate a beautiful spot with big rocks (reminds me of the koppies in the Serengeti).

Those in our two vehicles have a lovely breakfast: Marcel, Warren and I with Musa and Mary, Nora and Dave with Robert. After breakfast we drive back toward Governors Camp through miles of golden grass that remind me of Kansas fields of wheat ready for harvest.