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My New Neighbor

Somedays it is amazing who shows up on your doorstep…or on your light fixture in this case. A friend called yesterday afternoon to tell me about a bird nest by our garage door. A scissor-tail flycatcher is the identity her husband gives the momma. I rig up my camera and rush outdoors. By then it is mid-afternoon and no bird in their right mind will show themselves in that heat. My first thought…oh, another deserted nest in our yard. Two years in a row now we’ve had hummingbird nests in another spot…only to be deserted before any excitement of babies or fledging.

This morning I take the camera out again…and wait about twenty minutes aimed at the nest. Suddenly there is movement…I click away…hoping something is being recorded. I finally manage to see five tiny heads and some open mouths. Surely momma will come while I quietly stand at a distance, zoomed in to catch any action. Nope, I have to go back in to receive a human guest before I catch sight of a mom.

I’ve recorded the scene so far. I intend to watch over the next bit of time to see what develops. Time will tell (hopefully) if these five babies are scissor-tail flycatchers.

Test, Powershot-55