Priscilla's World | 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards
22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

I had forgotten that I sent Kaze and my book: Everyday Wonder, from Kansas to Kenya from Ecuador to Ethiopia to the 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. We received their results this week with a statement from the Judge. The book received high numbers, but more important was the comments of the Judge.

Everyday Wonder: From Kansas to Kenya from Ecuador to Ethiopia“I so enjoyed this book. You two have lived such meaningful and giving lives, the kind many of us wish we had lived but have been too selfish to even try. One story that will stay with me is when Duke runs off to die, thus sparing the family the grief of euthanizing him. One of the most profound statements in the book is when the grandmother says, “We have never tried it together before.” Doing things together could be the answer for all sorts of groups and causes. The world seems such a mess I too wonder, “Where is the holiness.” Then you tell about the young people you are training around the world to take over leadership of groups that can make a difference. As for the writing in this book, each chapter pulled me in with a different reaction and emotion. That the United States has the same serious problems as the rest of the world is enlightening. I think we tend to think of ourselves as being so much better than others. Your text is clearly written at a perfect pace. Your chapter on the writing seminar that highlighted death was informative; the chapters where you dealt with death showed so much. A very good writing technique finds the end of a book in the beginning. I noticed the contrast of sadly clearing out the deceased neighbor’s closet with the more joyous cleaning out and remembering time as the family cleared out your husband’s closet and drawers with fond memories. However, anyone who reads this wonderful book will be inspired, or at least see what dedicating our lives in the service of others can mean. Good writing, interesting book, inspiring. Thank you for a good read. Good luck getting it out to many people.”