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Spring Already?

Think about the tulip bulbs that were planted last fall. Or the birds that flew by today. They must all be confused. No climate change reports have come their way, so how do they figure out what to do and when? If spring has come today…and gone tomorrow…isn’t that confusing?  How do you know what season it is if you are a ruby crowned kinglet, I did see one last weekend. Or a flower, when are you suppose to raise your head up out of the dirt?

+trail signI took advantage of the spring-like 60 degrees today for a long walk on my favorite path in the woods.

A lot of bikers … some folks just strolling by enjoying the balmy air. A few interesting dogs on leashes as the sign warns them to be. Even a couple of women walking together, both reading or texting on their mobile phones. The best sight – a family with three young children down on a gravel bar in the creek. All throwing, or skipping stones across the water.

But I enjoy the company of the ducks, geese and one heron the most.