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Kansas City Art Institute Parents’ Day

What a privilege to visit an exciting, fascinating school yesterday. Mary, my daughter, invited me to join her for Foundation (that’s the freshmen) students Parents’ Day. The morning began in Vanderslice Hall of the Kansas City Art Insitute with a continental breakfast. That amazing red brick Flemish Queen Anne style mansion, built in 1895-96 houses the administrative offices of the Kansas City Art Institute, a four-year college of art and design. We then crossed the street to gather in the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church to hear three presentations by faculty and administration that set the tone for visiting the student’s art work. Learning to be creative thinkers and a foundation of art history during the freshman year lays the foundation for the student’s art work the following years. A visit to the Foundation Studios revealed some of the most astounding work by the students. It was a joy to see some of Warren’s work and to talk with one of his teachers. Our lunch after all of this at The Tavern in Prairie Village provided more time to share thoughts. The highlight of the morning was listening to Warren’s exclamations of how much fun (and hard work– seven days a week) this experience is providing him.w-with-mom-teacher