About Priscilla H Wilson


Priscilla H Wilson grew up in Arkansas City, KS and earned a BA in Education from the University of Oklahoma. She enjoyed fifty-nine years of marriage to Rodney Wilson before he died in June, 2011. They have three children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

She was one of the founders of TeamTech, Inc., a Kansas City-based strategic consulting, facilitation and training firm. Priscilla served the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) as a program designer, curriculum creator and trainer for leaders and facilitators.

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Contact Information:

Priscilla Wilson / TeamTech Press
Email: Pris@TeamTechPress.com
Phone: 913-522-3004

Published books:

The Facilitative Way, Leadership that Makes the Difference

A Pioneer Love Story, the Letters of Minnie Hobart

Everyday Wonder, from Kansas to Kenya, from Ecuador to Ethiopia

Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North



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