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A Wondrous Birthday

Tim and PriscillaIt can be wonderful when your offspring plot against you. Daughter Mary insisted my birthday dinner had to be on the date. When I explained that we were signed up for a class at church, she offered to write me an excuse note. I gave in. Yes, we would go to dinner on my birthday. The afternoon of my birthday Tim called to wish me “happy birthday.” Of course, I assumed he called from home, Oregon. Mary, Nora and Warren picked Rod and me up at the appointed time. We had chosen the American Restaurant in Crown Center as a special treat.

Mary and WarrenAs we entered the restaurant, Mary seemed to hesitate instead of moving forward and saying, “Van Ryzin reservation.” I remember thinking seemed odd, but then I immediately forgot it. About that time a man walked toward me and I thought, “He resembles Ben.” Suddenly my brain kicks into gear; my purse drops to the floor; I let out a whoop; I rush to hug this man – who is our oldest son, Ben. Tina appears and I give our daughter-in-law a hug. We are escorted to a lovely table overlooking the Kansas City skyline.

Family celebratesMary points to the beautiful spring flower arrangement, which includes four yellow tulips representing our four grandchildren and the three red tulips representing our three great-grandchildren. I am relishing the moment. As I relax in my chair another man walks toward me. I am truly flabbergasted this time…it is Tim, who isn’t in Oregon at all. After that excitement subsides my sister, Pam and husband, Karl join us. This is her first adventure out in a wheel chair since she broke her ankle. I am grateful they could join us.

Never has an 80th birthday dinner been celebrated with so much joy.