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A Special Story from a Friend

What Else Could It Be?

A story a friend told me became the best present I received on my 80th birthday. Mary Warren’s story topped anything else I received that day.

I knew for two years that my friend, Mary Warren suffered from vertigo most of the time. This made it difficult for her to accomplish anything.

It all began with an explosion in her head. When she stood up her world started spinning.

Doctor visits, MRIs and CT Scans offered no solutions. Medications made no difference. No one could figure out the cause of the persistent dizziness. Nothing seemed to help.

She was completely immobilized. She couldn’t do much of anything. She couldn’t even walk around the circle in their driveway.

During this same period Mary Warren’s husband, Don experienced diminishing health and strength. His post polio syndrome made him immobile. Mary Warren struggled with the care he needed.

“What else could this be?” Mary Warren asked herself over and over.

Finally, an intuitive hunch sent her searching through her activities during the previous two years. She combed her calendar for any hint of clues.

Mary Warren discovered that shortly before the dizziness began her dentist performed a root canal on her back upper molar. She called and asked to speak to her dentist.

When the dentist understood she was asking him to pull that molar, he objected, “There is nothing wrong with it.” Mary Warren insisted, “I am asking you to pull that molar. I am sure that if you pull it, the dizziness will go away.”

No surprise for Mary Warren, the tooth came out, The dentist found a split in one of the roots of that tooth. Nothing wrong with the root canal itself.

The dizziness disappeared. Mary Warren experienced new life.

The VERY NEXT morning when she put her feet on the floor, she could look up and not feel nauseous for the first time in almost two years.  She is now able to go for a twenty-minute walk. The morning I talked with her she had walked a mile!! The physical therapist tells her it will take a year for her to completely regain her balance and strength…little by little.

What a great message to receive from a good friend.