Priscilla's World | Watching the Waves
Watching the Waves

It is amazing what the sight of crashing ocean waves do for my thinking process. I’ve known for a while that changing the location of my work can release a spurt of creativity.

I often leave my desk and computer to sit with pencil and pad on the sun porch at our house. Somehow a current writer’s block moves away more easily.

But nothing like gazing out at the rolling, relentless Atlantic waves. Both my previous books, The Facilitative Way and A Pioneer Love Story can claim Hatteras Island for some of their best content.

Earlier this spring Rod, friend Kaze and I spent time in our house in Avon NC. Kaze and I are working on a book of short stories about our lives. We are at one of those, “now what is this all about” moments.

Our third floor writing room with views across the beach, sea oats and rolling waves provides the inspiration we need. After three days of asking, “What is this book about and how does it hang together?” we draft the introduction answering those questions.

As the sun rises out of the distant watery horizon each morning we grab the cameras. Why is taking pictures of a sunrise, or sun set, so therapeutic? I don’t know, but it is. As the days move on, stories tumble out of the computers and printer. We pause to sing a duet with the ever present mockingbird.

We feel so confident in our process that periodically we take long walks on the beach. Seeing a pod of dolphins playing and fishing just off shore is like enjoying a chocolate dessert after a super meal.

Even with turbulent waves to watch on stormy days our discipline keeps us at the computers. Interruptions come as we notice waves of northern gannets, pelicans or cormorants flying by just off shore. We know that spring migration has started.