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When is Old too Old?

Is 81 years old too old for a slumber party – or as they say today – a “sleep over?”

Not at all.

Bobbie Hawkins Aupperlee, whose husband died recently after a long illness, invites several high school friends to come to her farm near Newkirk, OK. Five of us join her for sloppy joes, group pictures, lots of chatter and a sleep over.

We all have experienced major losses over the last few years. This colors the conversation with a layer of poignancy.

The choice of Wednesday night means we can also attend the monthly gathering of ‘49er classmates for breakfast the next morning. Those near-by celebrate together on every month’s third Thursday.

As women are known to do, our conversation swirls around memories of six decades of friendship plus current plans and activities of great grandchildren, grandchildren, children and ourselves.

For me the five-hour drive both ways is more than worth it. The preciousness of reconnecting with friends I’ve known forever is beyond description. Also driving across the Flint Hills south of Emporia is always a treat. Those beautiful hills take on different colors throughout the year and are an awesome sight.