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A Book Is Born

“What made you lose your courage like that?”

These words turned on an unexpected faucet and stories began to flow; slowly a book began to emerge. For the next five or six years emails of writing flowed back and forth between Arizona and Kansas.

Kaze had come to Kansas City when this conversation started. We had read the story of Jesus walking on the water; Peter asks to join him, steps onto the water and starts to sink. Jesus asks Peter, “What made you lose your courage like that?”

Suddenly stories began to spin about moments in life when we had lost our courage…had strange experiences…or moments that unexpectedly defined the future.

Non-stop amazing conversations spun through the years. Sometimes Rodney joined us…other times he went about his business while we talked on and on.

Blue HeavenWe sought to articulate what had happened to us in a variety of situations. What did we mean when we talked about the sacred meeting us in ordinary everyday events? How talk about that? Two or three times a year we got together…either in Kansas City or on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


When I wrote A Pioneer Love Story Rodney and I added a third floor “writing room” that looked out on the ocean. Sometimes the ocean view inspired writing. Other times we’d be caught up watching the waves in rapt attention and stop focusing on the task at hand.

We’d each write our own stories (or rewrite for the zillionth time)…then read aloud to each other, edit, critique, suggest changes, etc. Sometimes Rodney would listen, comment or ask questions.

Everyday Wonder: From Kansas to Kenya from Ecuador to Ethiopia

Now this book is available in paperback…at In a few days the e-book version will be available also. For anyone in the Kansas City area, Bruce Smith Drugs in Prairie Village has it for sale. Other venues will appear soon.