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Gray but Gratifying

Misty gray waves roll in. A gray sky and gray Atlantic Ocean meet at a distant, indistinguishable horizon. Today promises to be another wild, wet, and windy day on the Outer Banks.

viewI gaze out the tower windows at Blue Heaven, a fine view no matter the weather. Everyday Wonder permeates the tower. It is here that Kaze and I produced much of the writing, rewriting, editing, and memories full of laughter or sadness.

Blue Heaven rental houseRodney helped plan this addition to the house as a place for writing. I wonder sometimes what renters use it for. Perhaps their morning coffee as they contemplate the crashing waves. They don’t always crash, but this morning they are crashing with great power.

During the writing of Everyday Wonder, Kaze and I came to North Carolina at least a couple of times a year. Once we even traveled here when a chunk of the road north of us had vanished into the sea. A ferry delivered passengers to the island during that time.

Sometimes others of my family were with us, but our writing discipline stayed steady most of the time. I don’t think Kaze ever missed photographing the sun rising up out of the ocean each morning.

Mary, Warren and I came here Sunday…spring break for Warren. Last night we enjoyed a fun, St. Patrick’s Day party at the neighbors two doors north. This is a long standing tradition for the neighborhood…and the first time the “parade” has been rained out. However, we held a short parade – out one door onto their deck – into another door. I’ve never seen so much green. The house, KC Blues, is owned by a couple who live in Brookside (neighborhood in Kansas City).

Saturday the three of us drive back to Norfolk to pick up Nora. Her spring break from Colorado Mesa University is next week, then Warren and I return to KC on Sunday. Saturday is my birthday so the great gift of the day is dinner with the three of them.

The gift of the week is watching the ever changing waves…colors, shapes, directions and speed never stay the same. Out of the north is definitely the direction this morning.

waves @ Blue Heaven

waves @ Blue Heaven

Perhaps this is the day to drive to Manteo on Roanoke Island. …one of our favorite towns. We are drawn there by Bonnie’s Pottery Shop, the book store, super hamburgers, a great aquarium…and the town itself. A trip to NC is never complete without a visit to Manteo.

Later this week perhaps the sun will join us again.