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Haydn’s The Creation

Fr Horn-4 Mark & bassoon-3Rehearsal this afternoon of Haydn’s Creation filled Friendship Hall at Village Pres with joyous sound. A gorgeous orchestra and chorus members from William Jewell, UMKC and Village Pres produced thrilling music. I can’t imagine how awesome it will be to sing this work in Helzberg Hall Sunday evening (tomorrow) at 7:00pm.

Elisa and chorus-2


Mark-8(Description from intro in the choral score)

Haydn’s music describes the story of Creation from the Bible.

Three archangels, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel tell the story. ¬†Raphael sings of the earth and the sea, of the beginning of all things. . . the description of the beasts, the great whales, and every living creature. It is he who reports God’s blessing.

Gabriel leads the heavenly hosts and describes the vegetable kingdom and the world of bird life.

Uriel is the angel of the sun and of daylight and describes Man.

The chorus plays the role of the heavenly hosts through out.

Last, Adam and Eve appear and fulfill the purpose announced by Raphael while as yet ‘the work was not complete; there wanted yet that wondrous being, who God’s design might thankful see, and grant His goodness joyful praise.’Adam & Eve-15