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Warbler Migration

“Priscilla, how many Mays do you think you have left?” the question I asked myself several years ago. Ask any birder and they will tell you nothing else should be scheduled during May while the warbler migration is happening. It is such a short and unpredictable season.

This week I’ve been lucky. One of our Audubon friends, Nancy Leo has a fabulous bird enticing yard in Prairie Village. She invites all her Audubon friends to sit on her patio and enjoy, “Look, there is a Wilson Warbler (or whoever).” For three mornings I put my binoculars to good use, but also experimented with a new camera (yes, one more). I like to share birds so I’ll include a batch of them here. Thank you, Nancy.

Here are:  American Redstart, Wilson Warbler and the Black and White Warbler.

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