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Honoring an Anniversary

Before I open my eyes this morning I plan my day. Today, June 5, 2014 is the three year anniversary of Rodney’s death.

I plan to drive to Unity Village, about twenty-five miles east of here. I want to walk the labyrinth and hike in the woods. The solitude will help me reflect on the wondrous times I spent with the love of my life.

I awake to rolling thunder, threats of severe storms, large hail, etc. Even I think it is dumb to drive that far, park out in the open and spend the day in boots and raincoat. A change of plans…I will honor the day by reading the last two stories in Everyday Wonder, from Kansas to Kenya, from Ecuador to Ethiopia which take place around Rodney’s death. Then I’ll go to the Nelson Atkins-Museum of Art (with indoor parking) and visit the Chinese and Native American Exhibits and perhaps more.

Dinner tonight with Mary, Nora and Warren will be at Cafe Provence. It is a special place because it was Rodney’s and my favorite restaurant.

The gapping hole in my life (which nothing can fill) is from the loss of my soul mate. I am blessed with two sons, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, four grandchildren, two granddaughters-in-law and five great grandchildren. A close as we are as a family (I can’t ask for any better) no amount of love and care fills that hole.

My pastor, Tom’s words this week are a grace-note in the day, “Grief lasts a long time, even when it reaches the sweet chapters. It is still grief, longing, missing…carried in gratitude.

As I come back to the computer I’m graced with “new life.” The Osprey babies are beginning to peck their way out of their eggs. The first of three is just emerging…and can’t even stand up yet. I smile as I turn to this post. The Cornell site with the osprey

pris and Rod