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Celebrating a 60th Birthday
2014Ben with cake

Ben with birthday cake…three granddaughters watch

Where to start in remembering an amazing month?

June, 2014 sparked many extraordinary events.

A week-long celebration of Ben’s 60th birthday engaged family, friends, long walks in the woods, plus delicious dinners here and there.

The most momentous occasion occurred when I met my ten day old. great-grandson, Jarvis Hobart Wilson. Not everyone is presented a new grandson on his 60th…fun for Ben. Jarvis is the 5th of that generation and the second boy.

Luck accompanied my week because I arrived in time for Scott Phillip’s annual picnic for family and friends. This event,  a bonanza of bar-b-cue, is held each year in June at their lovely home in the country. It became of celebrations with family and Ben & Tina’s friends.

Adding to the fun…I attended last weekend’s dance recitals to watch Izzy, Rory and Oma (German for Grandma) Tina dancing beautifully.

The actual birthday, Thursday, June 12 the family gathered to celebrate at Ben and Tina’s. Children playing, steaks and corn disappearing, presents opening, and Happy Birthday singing with eating the ice cream birthday cake filled a joyful evening.

Tonight’s (Saturday) celebration is undergoing shift in plans. Designed as a garden party, it is fast becoming an indoor event. If a miracle happens in the weather between now and 5:00 the garden can be enjoyed outside. If the weather remains as it is now, looking at the beautiful garden from inside will be the order of the evening. Either way lively conversations with good eating (plus some wine and beer) are anticipated. It stormed right at the end of Ben’s 50th birthday party so maybe his luck will hold and the storms won’t happen until midnight.




New mom, Christy with Priscilla and Marcel

2014Girls dancing for Opa

Izzy, Rory and Teegan dance for Opa