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Foster Grandmother

Early in April I go to the Wild Bird Center to buy seed for the clear plastic bird feeder stuck on my third floor apartment window. When I start to refill the feeder I am startled to see a bunch of scattered wispy weeds. I wonder, is someone building a nest? I put the bag of feed back in the cupboard.

A couple of days later it becomes apparent that a nest is being  formed. My discourteous comment, “These House Finches haven’t taken Nest Building 101.” More days go by and an admirable nest takes shape.

I slip in and out of my bedroom trying not to scare Mrs. Finch as she lays eggs, one each day for the next five days. The big question is, “Will she stop laying and start incubating now?” Only time will tell.

One startling moment. The evening between egg two and three I climb into bed to read. My light is on. Suddenly I hear tapping. Finally, I get up and point my binoculars at the window. Mrs. Finch is walking back and forth on the windowsill taping on the window.

What do I do now? I call son, Ben…he suggests she wants the light off. Sure enough. I give up reading, turn off the light and she is happy…or at least quits tapping. The next night the light doesn’t bother her.

The bird experts tell me that she will start to incubate after all the eggs have been laid. Twelve of so days later they will hatch…and another twelve or so days to fledge, leave the nest. At that rate, I may be in Minnesota birding with Ben by the time some of the most fun action takes place. Again, time will tell.