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Awesome 85th Birthday

Maybe birthdays get more awesome with each passing year. Is that due to gratefulness that we are still here…and doing quite well, thank you. Or is it that friends and family are just glad we haven’t caused any big upset this year? In any case, March 22 was an amazing day and included so many wonderful birthday greetings on Facebook. Thank you one and all for such fun reading your greetings.  A fabulous lunch with good friends, Diana and Mason Ormsby was followed by the three of us hiking along their lake at Cedar Creek. Beautiful day and a fun time.

I took another short hike by myself at Baker Wetlands in the late afternoon. That wonderful spot has been reconstructed because of the new Highway 10 being built to link the highway east of town with the freeway west of town. I think many birders worried that the Wetlands would be ruined because of the changes. However, it is amazing how many, better areas have grown out of the process and a great Discovery Center built for educational fun.

After that hike I headed home and joined Mary, Kent, and Warren for our birthday celebration during dinner. Before the day was over I had a stack of birthday cards, two lovely pots of flowers, plus three awesome bouquets.

Ben and family sent a beautiful box from Glorious Hugs in Dellwood, MN. Two quotes from their web site says it all: “Welcome to Glorious Hugs where we help you design a beautiful personalized care package with original art and we mail it in our colorful huggable box! Our care packages are a unique experience with art, a handwritten card for your heartfelt message plus two light poems, coloring pages, colored pencils, discussion questions, cookies and other items.”

I feel very loved and cared for by all family and friends.