Priscilla's World | Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge
Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Wednesday turned into a perfect day for a trip to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge…mild weather and partly cloudy with no wind. There are not as many  birds there now as there have  been earlier, but plenty of activity to keep us happy. Batches of snow geese, mute swans, white pelicans, coots and a variety of ducks kept us highly entertained. One of my new friends at Claridge Court asked to go with me and I said “yes,” pleased to have the company. During the two hour drive north I discovered that she knows and loves birds a lot more than I suspected. What a pleasant delight. Besides the bigger white birds, the ducks and coots were plentiful. Shovelers, green-wing teals, blue-wing teals, pintails, and ruddy ducks. A crazy pheasant suspected someone was near so he hunkered down in the brush to hide. All we could see was his white collar. What he didn’t know – I caught a good shot of him before he tried to hide.

Days like that are good for the soul. I need to remember to donate more days to enjoying birds and their environs.