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Celebrating with Creole

December 29 I celebrate my third evening of family dining with my second grandson and his family. We drive to downtown St. Paul and Jeffrey says, “We are going to Brasa, the city’s top-pick of kid-friendly restaurants.”  We pull into the parking lot and see the rooster symbol behind the name, Brasa on the front of the building. Five of us unload (Christy, Aurora, Teegan, Jarvis and me) and wait for Jeffrey to park the car. As the door opens tantalizing smells waft across our path. We are fortunate we’ve arrived a few moments before several other families come through the door.

Brasa doesn’t take reservations, but we only wait a few minutes before we are led to a table for six in the back corner of this rather small restaurant. Every table is filled with families celebrating the joy of being together two days before the new year. This dining venue, Brasa Premium Rotisserie provides casual specialized slow-cooked Creole-style comfort foods. All three kids enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches with their macaroni and cheese. I wonder, “Was there ever a child who didn’t like macaroni and cheese?”

Aurora wanted to sit across the table from me saying, “I don’t want to have to turn to see you.” So with Teegan next to me and Jarvis at the head of the table I think, “Great-grandchildren have a special way of piercing my heart.”

A smattering of snowflakes drift from the sky as we drive back to Ben and Tina’s house. All come in and we have an hilarious time with a mix of suitcases. I brought two extra suitcases with me to give away and Tina pulls out a couple more excess suitcases. Jarvis thinks all these things with wheels are for his enjoyment and pulls first one and then another. Ben picks Jarvis up and pops him into one of the larger ones. Being pulled around the house in a suitcase by your grandfather is about as good as it gets. The evening closes with lots of hugs and laughter.