Priscilla's World | Discovering the Amazing Black Hoof Park
Discovering the Amazing Black Hoof Park

An afternoon appointment in Lawrence means a time to do some exploring on the way there. Black Hoof Park has been mentioned as an interesting spot. Exploring on the internet, I discover where this park is. My internet hunt leads me to the west end of Lenexa…perfect for a stop on my way to Lawrence. Off I go…

Google Map directs me to a south-west street down through Lenexa which takes me to 95th street. The 160 acre Black Hoof Park on the west end of Lenexa includes diverse wildlife, trails, a picnic shelter, and playground. Lake Lenexa holds the center of my sight as I pull into the parking lot. After I choose an area as far from the playground as possible, I park, hop out and head down toward the lake. A paved trail next to grass still wet from the morning rain leads me along the edge of the lake. The bluish-gray water reveals two boats moving gently back and forth. The first boat seems to be a contemplative journey for a single man. The other reveals two women and a small girl, each paddling as if they each are totally in charge.

Lake @ Black Hoof Park

Lake @ Black Hoof Park

The ground next to the lake reveals blue, white, orange and yellow blossoms.  Wooden benches sit along the way for anyone who needs a resting moment. When the trail leads down by the playground, I dutifully turn around and return to the parking lot. I continue on the trail now with woods on both sides. The trail feels as if I am in the forest with lots of trees.

Rounding a corner at one point I come to the dam. I’ve never seen a dam quite like this one. Shaped to feel like a very large sculpture, I am intrigued as I try to figure it out. Fountains and carvings leave me wondering just how the dam works. I stand there puzzling for quite a while.

Time is a gift. No trip is a loss. This has not been a forest walk with lots of birds. However, it has been a discovery of an amazing spot. I head off for Lawrence feeling like I have taken a couple of hours somewhere lost in Europe.