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It occurred to me recently that we all live on one small blue marble traveling through the space of the universe. Some days I forget that fact and think I’m just located in Prairie Village Kansas. Not!

Who was the writer a few years ago who explained our impact on the globe by saying, “When we sneeze it reverberates in China”? Or something like that…I’m sure that is not an exact quote, but you understand what I am saying.

Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North

Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North

My fourth book, published last December paints a picture of a man who discovered ways to be of service to the whole globe…and all people. Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North is full of stories of our connections to those in far away places, and those close to home. The greatest news is that he carefully chose the title: Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North. Titles are impossible so that was the most exciting part of what I had to work with.

Rodney had been working on his book for some time. He started by locating many notes, papers, pictures and articles over time. After his death five and a half years ago I started collecting anything that spoke of his life. I chose one drawer in his desk and accumulated anything I could find that made sense. It took a bunch of time and struggles to finally produce what I hoped spelled out his life.

Whether the final book is what he would have produced is hard to know. My sense is, yes, this is what he would have wanted. I had the most fun locating all the many photos that were included. Who knows if he would have included all of those.

I leave it to anyone who knew him and reads the book to decide for themselves if this book is on target. Zero Meridian, Five Degrees North spells out my understanding of this amazing person. When you read his story you may stop and say, “But you left out….” You can let me know what you remembered or you can just say, “Whoops, Priscilla forgot to include this marvelous event. I would have included….”